WestMarket: Copenhagen’s Newest Foodie Hotspot

Central Copenhagen’s third food market opened its doors in January, giving locals and visitors alike even more delicious options when it comes to street food. WestMarket joins Torvehallerne Market and Copenhagen Street Food, adding to Copenhagen’s ever-growing foodie scene. Located in a former shopping arcade in the city’s vibrant Vesterbro neighbourhood, WestMarket combines a traditional market with street food stalls and bars to create the perfect spot to indulge in food and drink from around the world.

Vesterbro’s newly-opened WestMarket

Beer on tap at Bar 1620

I paid my first visit to WestMarket on a chilly February afternoon, eager to discover what it has to offer and how it compares to Copenhagen’s other markets. As on any food crawl, we first took a preliminary lap to see what was on offer and decide what tasty morsels we had to try. I was surprised to see that the stalls here are largely not found elsewhere, and impressed with the range of cuisines offered. The selection includes Spanish tapas, Indian curries, Italian risotto, Danish smørrebrød, and much more. The most unusual offerings were egg wraps from Uganda, and a selection of game including bear sausage!

Ugood Ugandan Street Food

Meat and beer at Köd & Bajer

When I saw Super Bao had a stall, I knew that needed to be our first stop. We’d tried their amazing Asian street food once before, and it was delicious. We shared a Super Bao menu, which includes two bao (which are like little Korean tacos), a tempura shrimp and a spring roll, and is a steal at 75 kroner. The pork and duck bao were both incredibly flavourful, and the crisp tempura just melted in my mouth.

The amazing Super Bao

The Super Bao menu

Already filling up, the next bite was a small one – a  South American sausage smothered in chimichurri and and two dressings, as well as a tasty green powder at the Argentinian stall La Boca de Malbeck. La Boca also offers a charcuterie menu which looked pretty amazing, and the perfect accompaniment to their selection of Malbeck wines.

La Boca de Malbeck Argentinian food

Our final indulgence was at the stall I had heard so much about and knew I had to try: Guilty. Their selection of desserts gleamed under the market’s lights, and it was a struggle to decide which one to try. In the end, I went with a gorgeous-looking blueberry-white chocolate tart topped with crumbling meringue, and a cup of vanilla rooiboos tea. It was the perfect indulgent end to our first WestMarket food crawl.

Sweet treats from Guilty

WestMarket isn’t quite up to the level of Copenhagen’s other food markets just yet: there are still stalls to be filled, and the bathroom situation is dire (only five toilets – not bathrooms, actual toilets –  in the whole place, and none of the three I could access had toilet paper), but it’s new and still finding its feet. The selection here is great, and the market is spacious with lots of indoor seating for those chilly Copenhagen days. There are still plenty of stalls that I’m eager to try, like seafood from Lobster & Fish, which hadn’t yet started serving for the day, and the pork sandwiches from Muuh & Oink. There will definitely be more bao consumed, and more desserts sampled.  I will definitely be back, and I’m bringing my appetite.


WestMarket: Copenhagen’s Newest Foodie Hotspot

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WestMarket: Copenhagen’s Newest Foodie Hotspot

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    This is such a great post. I’m now officially hungry. I was planning to do a stop-over in Copenhagen in October when I visit Iceland, but I just couldn’t do it time-wise. Maybe next time. Seems like a dream location for foodie’s like me.

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